Safety Valves, Relief Valves, Safety Relief Valves and Pressure Relief Valves from Aquatrol

Founded in 1947, Aquatrol quickly became a recognized brand within the safety and relief valve industry. Back then, one of the few companies with ASME approvals. For many years Aquatrol was known as ‘the brass safety valve company’, specializing in product that fit into this market segment, including ASME section I and VIII valves used primary for smaller sized steam and liquid applications.

This all changed in the early 2000’s with investment into other markets within our industry.

Engineering, design and new product: In the mid-2000’s our Series 560 valve line was introduced, a high capacity top guided design which quickly became a ‘go-to’ valve for steam applications. Utilizing our years of experience in all areas of engineering and design, we launched our 740 series in 2013. This valve line has allowed us to further increase or offerings with (even) more choices of metals, seating, finishing and sizes.

Most products are now ASME, Section I and VIII and PED / CE certified. The combination of valve lines (and certification approvals) has allowed our customers options that will fit into most all requirements; and on a world-wide basis. With this, we now have product representation on 5 continents.

Moving towards our 8th decade, Aquatrol’s commitment has not changed since the days of our founder, LJ Lowden…..………That is ‘to produce industry leading quality safety relief valves backed be services second to none”. Investment into our industry is on-going and with ‘more to come, soon’.